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Nobody gets in the car thinking that they will be involved in an accident. Unfortunately, car accidents are part of our everyday lives. Every day, there are thousands of accidents recorded around the country. This is especially true for those traveling on congested highways like Florida’s I-95. Like many other drivers and passengers on the road, Uber and Lyft riders are at risk of suffering a devastating accident.

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident caused by a negligent Uber or Lyft driver on I-95 in Florida, we can help. At Schwechter Law Group, we are aware of the challenges that follow a severe crash. That is why we dedicate all of our efforts to defending your rights and fighting for the compensation you deserve. Call our I-95 in Florida Uber and Lyft accident lawyers today for your free, confidential consultation. Our phone number is (561) 935-9243.

What Causes Uber and Lyft Accidents on Florida I-95?

Uber and Lyft are some of the most popular means of transportation today. Millions of people use the services provided by these companies because of their ease of use, convenience, and effectiveness. However, during their years of existence on the market, Uber and Lyft have seen their fair share of accidents. Many of these accidents have been caused by negligent Uber and Lyft drivers. Various things can lead to a rideshare service accident on Florida’s I-95. However, we have narrowed the list to the most prevalent causes of Uber and Lyft crashes.

Distracted Driving

Few things can be more dangerous than a distraction while driving. All drivers are expected to exercise care and prudence when operating their vehicles. However, many things can cause distractions. Despite this reality, all drivers are expected to avoid negligence while driving. Unfortunately, many drivers instead engage in negligent behaviors that distract them from dangers on the road. Sending or receiving text messages, browsing their company’s app, grooming, and eating are typical examples of distractions that can lead to serious traffic accidents. We can help if you were hurt due to the negligent actions of a distracted Uber or Lyft driver on I-95 in Florida.


Speeding has played a significant role in most accidents seen over the years on I-95 in Florida. Speeding drivers have been responsible for thousands of crashes, injuries, and wrongful deaths in Florida and the US, as well as millions of dollars in property damage. Despite stringent laws punishing speeding, negligent drivers still engage in this dangerous conduct. We can help if you were hurt in a crash caused by a careless, speeding Uber or Lyft driver. Brian Schwechter can help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving frequently happens on the road. Engaging in this type of conduct often leads to devastating, preventable accidents. Aggressive drivers might engage in conduct such as illegal lane changing, tailgating, and running red lights. All of these actions – in addition to other risky behavior – can lead to a severe crash. We can help you get the compensation you deserve from the liable parties.

Common Injuries in Uber and Lyft Accidents in Florida’s I-95

A person can sustain multiple injuries during a crash. Some drivers and passengers might only sustain a few scratches and bruises or no injuries at all, while others might not be so lucky. Many times, Uber and Lyft accident victims have sustained severe injuries, often requiring costly emergency medical services. Some of the most common injuries someone can sustain during an Uber or Lyft accident in Florida’s I-95 include the following:

Head Injuries

Head injuries often happen during car accidents. These injuries can be hazardous, especially because they can affect the brain directly. Depending on the extent of the injury, a person can suffer what is known as a traumatic brain injury (TBI). TBI is cerebral dysfunction caused by a heavy blow to the head. There may be instances where a foreign object may pierce through the skull, affecting the brain. Damage to the brain can be irreparable, causing severe conditions that may persist for a lifetime. You may hold the liable parties accountable for your losses and get compensation for your injuries after severe injuries like these.

Back Injuries

Back injuries are also common in car accidents and can cause severe complications. One of the most common back injuries associated with Uber and Lyft accidents – and other auto accidents – is spinal cord injury (SCI). Spinal cord injuries involve damage to the bundle of nerves that runs up and down the spine. Severing your spinal cord or severely damaging those nerves can lead to loss of bodily function from the site of the damage down. We can help if you or a loved one suffered an SCI due to an Uber or Lyft driver’s negligence.

Broken Bone Injuries

Broken bone injuries are some of the most painful and discomforting injuries a person can sustain during a crash. They also have the potential of creating additional health issues such as cuts, gashes, and lacerations to internal organs. These injuries may require immediate medical attention and may also require continuing medical assistance and therapy. Our Florida Uber and Lyft car accident attorneys can help you get the compensation you need.

Compensation for Injuries Caused in an Uber or Lyft Accident on I-95

You may be able to get compensation from your injuries. However, there are several caveats to consider before filing a claim after an Uber or Lyft accident on I-95 in Florida. The biggest issue for injured riders and others injured in an accident with these drivers is that Uber and Lyft drivers are not direct employees of these companies. Instead, they are independent contractors.

Independent contractors render their services to a company but are not directly employed by them. For this reason, Uber and Lyft are usually able to avoid liability for their drivers’ negligence. In other words, you cannot sue Uber and Lyft directly after your crash.

However, both companies are required to provide coverage in the event of an accident. Uber and Lyft each has a $1 million dollar policy that kicks in during a specific circumstance and additional insurance policies and driver policies that cover other circumstances. Our Uber and Lyft accident attorneys can help you figure out how to get compensation for your injuries.

I95 in Florida Uber + Lyft Accident Lawyer Offering Free Consultations

At Schwechter Law Group, we represent passengers who were injured due to the negligence of an Uber or Lyft driver on I-95 in Florida. We will fight aggressively and strategically to get our clients the compensation they deserve. Let our skill, dedication, and knowledge work for you while you focus on healing from your injuries. Call our I-95 in Florida Uber and Lyft accident lawyers today for your free, confidential consultation. Our phone number is (561) 935-9243.