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Learning that your child was sexually abused at school can be heart-breaking.  To learn that someone in a position of power or authority abused that power and harmed your child can change your lives and cause immense pain for your child.  If this happened to your family, you might be entitled to seek justice by taking the teacher or faculty member to court with the school that allowed the abuse to occur.

Schwechter Law Group represents victims of school sexual abuse and their families in lawsuits against schools and other institutions for sexual assault, and we fight to get justice for survivors.  To schedule a free legal consultation, call our Florida school sexual abuse victims’ attorney today to discuss your options and what your case might be worth.  We offer free, confidential legal consultations to abuse victims and their families.  For your free case consultation, call us at (561) 935-9243.

Suing a School for Sexual Abuse in Florida

Schools are responsible for the safety of their students.  Unwanted touching or sexual violence against a student is absolutely uncalled for and is a complete dereliction of that duty.  Victims of sexual abuse at school are often entitled to sue not only the individual who abused them but also the school that allowed the abuse to occur.

For children in high school or below, lawsuits against teachers and faculty can extend to the school.  As school employees, these individuals are under the school’s control to an extent.  This means that any mistakes or abuses they commit while working at the school could be held against the school as a whole.  The school is also often held accountable in its own right if administrators knew that the faculty member had a history of sexual abuse or if the school covered up previous allegations, risking the lives and safety of students.

If your school was a public school, there might be limitations that prevent you from receiving full compensation when you sue.  However, Title IX and other antidiscrimination legislation might help you expand damages you can claim in a lawsuit.  Lawsuits against private schools or parochial schools can generally include full damages.

Suing a College for Sexual Abuse in Florida

Sexual abuse and sexual assault are enormous issues on college and university campuses.  In cases where the staff or faculty at the school are responsible for sexually abusing or sexually assaulting a student, the lawsuit could proceed against the individual professor and the school as their employer.  If the acts were committed by another student, the school could still carry some blame.

Colleges and universities are responsible for safety on their campus.  Failing to address sexual assault problems or failing to provide adequate campus safety could be a serious failure that allows you to hold them accountable for sexual assault at college.

Damages for Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault at a School in Florida

If you or your child was sexually abused in school in Florida, you might be entitled to financial compensation for the harm you suffered.  Compensation can be paid to cover the cost of any health care or mental health care that you received because of the abuse.  For people abused so young in their lives, this could include ongoing therapy needs to deal with the effects of PTSD and other mental health issues caused by childhood trauma.

In many cases of sexual abuse at an institution like a school, there could also be damages to account for the institution’s serious negligence.  Because schools are responsible for so many young people, patterns of neglect or abuse can sometimes lead to punitive damages.  These additional damages are ordered against the institution to punish them for allowing the abuse to occur.  These damages are especially common in sexual abuse cases where the institution sought to cover up abuse or failed to investigate claims.

In many cases, schools do not want information about their abuse and neglect getting out.  Because of this, they will often try to use nondisclosure agreements or out-of-court settlements to keep the issue private.  A settlement might allow a victim to receive damages without having to testify on the stand about the abuse they suffered.  However, if the settlement includes a nondisclosure agreement or other limitations, it might not be a fair deal.  Our attorney can help advise you about how much your case should be worth and whether a settlement offer is fair.

Statute of Limitations on Childhood Sexual Abuse Lawsuits Against Florida Schools

Most lawsuits and crimes have a “statute of limitations” that bars claims from being brought too long after the events of the case.  In childhood sexual abuse cases, states have been suspending and extending statutes of limitations to allow adults who were abused as children to come forward and seek justice, even if the abuse occurred years ago.

Florida law has no limit on how long a case can be filed for sexual battery of a minor under 16.  That means that if you were 15 or younger when the sexual abuse occurred, you should be entitled to file a lawsuit against your abuser at any time.  If you were a minor who was 16 or older, you usually have until your 25th birthday to file.  Adult victims have a shorter deadline to file.

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If you or your child was sexually abused while in school, call Schwechter Law Group today.  Our Florida school sexual abuse victims’ attorney represents sexual abuse victims at public schools, private schools, parochial schools, colleges, and universities.  We fight to seek justice and get fair compensation for sexual abuse survivors.  Call us today at (561) 935-9243 to set up a free consultation in a confidential environment to discuss the potential of filing a lawsuit against a school for sexual abuse or sexual assault.