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Victims of sexual abuse often face substantial harm in their lives.  Sexual abuse survivors, especially those suffering from childhood trauma, are more likely to face mental health issues and have an increased risk of suicide, drug abuse, and self-harm.  Victims of sexual abuse deserve help, and they deserve justice for the what happened to them.  Especially when a teacher or school faculty member is responsible for sexual abuse, victims deserve substantial compensation.

If your child was sexually abused at school or of you were sexually abused as a child or a college student, call Schwechter Law Group today.  Our Boca Raton school sexual abuse victims’ attorney represents abuse victims and their families, and we fight to get compensation from schools and other institutions that allowed the abuse to occur.  Call our law offices today to set up a free, confidential legal consultation with our compassionate injury attorneys.  Our office number is (561) 935-9243.

Statute of Limitations on Childhood Sexual Abuse Claims Against Schools in Boca Raton, FL

Victims of childhood sexual abuse at school have a flexible window of time to file their claims.  Many states have strict statutes of limitations that block old cases from being filed in court.  In many cases, these block old evidence from being used unfairly against defendants.  However, because childhood sexual assault is such a serious problem and because it might take years for victims to come forward, Florida has no limit on how long you have to file a childhood sexual abuse claim.

Victims who were sexually abused before the age of 16 have an unlimited amount of time to file their case.  Minors who were 16 or older at the time of the abuse usually have until 7 years after their 18th birthday to file their claim (i.e., until their 25th birthday).  Victims abused as adults have a shorter window of time to file a lawsuit.

Suing Private and Public Schools for Sexual Abuse of Students in Boca Raton

If your child attended a private or public school when they were sexually abused by a member of the staff or faculty, you might be entitled to sue the institution.  The same is true if you are an adult that was abused when you were a minor.  Lawsuits against the institution often allow increased damages because these institutions are in a better position to pay for your injuries and damages instead of an individual teacher.

Employers are generally responsible for what their employees do while they are working within the scope of their duties.  By no means is sexual assault part of a teacher’s job duties, but if a teacher, coach, administrator, or other staff or faculty member abused a child during work hours or during their other duties, these abuses could be held against the school as well.

Schools can also be held accountable for their own failures and errors.  Many school sexual abuse cases occur in the first place because an institution failed to look into previous allegations.  If a school protected a teacher from abuse allegations and that teacher was left to abuse more students, the school shares guilt in that abuse.  Similarly, if the school knew about abuse and actively worked to cover it up, they could share blame for future abuse.

These kinds of school sexual abuse cases can be filed against private schools and Catholic schools as well as public schools.  Lawsuits against private schools can often yield substantial damages, but damages against a public entity like a public school might be capped.  However, Title IX and other antidiscrimination laws might help you seek additional relief.

Lawsuits Against Colleges for Sexual Abuse in Boca Raton

Lawsuits can also be filed against colleges and universities for sexual abuse and sexual assault on campus.  If the acts were committed by a professor or other faculty member, the school might once again share fault because of their failure to investigate or because of an intentional cover-up of past allegations.  Additionally, the school might be responsible for sexual assaults committed by other students or individuals.

Sexual assault on college campuses is a huge national issue.  At many schools, negligent security and ineffective sexual assault policies allow people to be abused in high numbers.  If the school’s policies failed to properly address sexual assault issues, the school could share fault in a sexual assault case, even if the perpetrator was not a school employee.

What Qualifies as Sexual Abuse in Boca Raton?

The law is broad as to what “qualifies” as sexual assault or sexual abuse.  In Florida, the conduct is actually called “sexual battery,” which usually includes an unwanted or offensive sexual touching.  Whether it qualifies under this law or a different law, nearly any sexual touching or sexual activity qualifies as conduct that you can sue for.  These laws are especially protective of child victims.

If you have any questions or concerns about whether something “counts” as sexual abuse or sexual assault, our attorneys may be able to help you.  These kinds of issues are often difficult for people to talk through, but our compassionate sexual abuse lawyers help victims understand what conduct they can sue for and what justice and compensation could look like in their case.

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