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With beautiful all year round weather, Floridianare able to enjoy outdoor activities without ever worrying what month it is.  One of those year-round activities that South Floridians enjoy is riding a bicycle or operating scooter.  On any weekend on roadlike Ocean Drive or Atlantic Boulevard in Delray Beach, you can watch bike riders getting in their exercise for the day on a bicycle and people driving scooters and enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

If you were injured in an accident on an e-scooter in Florida, contact Boca Raton electric scooter and bike accident injury lawyer Brian Schwechter of Schwechter Law Group for a free consultation at (561) 935-9243.

Common Reasons for Electric Scooter Injuries in Florida

Due to its popularity, bike lanes have been added to many major roads in an attempt to make the sport as safe as possible.  Unfortunately, bicycling and operating a scooter remain dangerous activities, especially in Florida. In 2015, there were 45,000 reported bicycle accidents, many involving serious injuries.   

This number is so high because automobile drivers often fail to pay attention to bicyclists.  First, drivers don’t see bicyclists every day.  There are a few roads that see the vast majority of bike/ scooter traffic; so, when a driver is sharing the road with a bike or scooterthey don’t take any additional precautions.  For example, when vehicle is turning to the right normally, there is no need to check their right mirror for traffic in the bicycle lane.  Many of the accident cases we have handled a vehicle turning right and colliding into an unsuspecting bicyclist.   

Unfortunately, when an accident does occur, the injuries are horrific.  Many scooter drivers or bicyclists are not wearing protective gear when the accident takes place.  Even if the protective gear is worn, this is still a collsion involving a 40-pound bicycle and 3000 or 4000 pound car.   Almost everyone operating the bicycle or scooter is hurt from these types of accidentsbecause the pavement or sidewalk are terrible places to land.

Our Boca Raton, FL Electric Scooter Accident Injury Lawyers Can Help

At Schwechter Law Group, we can’t imagine what you are going through right now, but we can help.  We want to ensure that you get the right medical care.  We want to ensure you make positive steps in your recovery.  We want to ensure you get your life back. You have rights when you are injured because of someone’s negligence.  You may be entitled to compensation for your past, present and future pain and suffering, medical bills and past, present and future lost wages.   

We want to help. Call us for a free consultation at (561) 935-9243 to speak with an attorney about your electric scooter injuries.  We will gather the facts of your accident and then one of our attorneys can explain your potential claim in detail.   


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