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Being a victim of domestic abuse in Boca Raton, FL can be traumatic. Few things can compare to the physical, emotional, and psychological damage following a domestic abuse situation. For this reason, our Boca Raton attorney for injured domestic abuse victims Brian Schwechter dedicate all of his efforts to assist you during this difficult time.

At Schwechter Law Group, we can fight aggressively and strategically to hold the liable party accountable for your losses. We will work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve as a victim of domestic violence in Boca Raton. To learn more about our services in a free, confidential consultation, call our law offices today at (561) 935-9243.

Understanding Domestic Abuse Laws for Injured Victims in Boca Raton, FL

Many people think domestic abuse or violence refers to a single act in which one spouse inflicts harm upon the other. However, domestic abuse is more than that. Domestic violence refers to a systemic, repetitive behavioral pattern in which one spouse engages in controlling behavior, violence, or threats to dominate their intimate partner. Common examples of this behavior include stalking, verbal abuse, and demanding unwanted sex, among other forms of abuse.

Most of the time, domestic abuse ends up with one spouse injuring the other. Over the years, our Boca Raton domestic abuse lawyers have seen the severity of these cases. Many times, when an abused spouse calls the police, they will investigate the situation and arrest the abuser. Then, with police recommendation, a prosecutor will present formal charges against him or her. At this point, it is in the hands of the prosecution to determine whether your spouse will be convicted for their actions.

Can I File a Personal Injury Claim for Domestic Abuse in Boca Raton?

Many people think the criminal court provides the only remedy available in a situation of domestic abuse. However, you can also find a remedy to your situation in civil court. In other words, your abuser can be criminally liable for their actions, but he or she can also be liable in civil court. Just because your spouse was tried at the criminal level doesn’t mean you can’t find a remedy provided by the civil court.

Generally, the courts may feel apprehensive about allowing family members to sue each other. While many states value “family unity” and bar family members from suing each other, many other states allow this type of claim. In Florida, you are allowed to file a claim against your spouse if you were injured in a domestic abuse situation. Through a personal injury claim, you can fight to get compensation for your losses.

You may wonder how a personal injury claim can help you in your domestic abuse case. Personal injury claims look to compensate the victims for their losses. Many domestic abuse victims face physical, emotional, and psychological injuries. While no amount of money can undo your experience, compensation can place you on the right track towards recovery.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim for Domestic Abuse Victims

Filing a personal injury claim in Florida requires experience, skill, and knowledge. Our Boca Raton attorneys for injured victims of domestic violence can help you navigate through your civil claim. In order to get the compensation you need for your losses, you need to establish four main elements: the legal duty, breach of the legal duty, causation, and losses.

The first element in your claim is showing the existence of a legal duty. The legal duty refers to the obligation that all individuals have to refrain from engaging in actions or omissions that may foreseeably harm others. To prove this element, you will need to establish your spouse owed you a legal duty to refrain from any actions that may cause you harm.

The second element in your personal injury claim is the breach of the legal duty. At this stage, you will need to show that your spouse failed to adhere to their legal duty. You may be able to provide evidence showing that you were subjected to abuse by your spouse. The third element is called causation. Causation requires you to establish a clear link between your spouse’s actions and omissions and your eventual losses. For instance, you may provide evidence showing a connection between the abuse you suffered and the medical expenses related to your injuries. Finally, you will need to show the court your sustained losses. These losses can be shown by providing evidence of your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

How Much Compensation Can I Expect from My Domestic Abuse Claim in Boca Raton?

As the plaintiff in a personal injury claim in Boca Raton, you may want to know how much compensation you can expect from your case. It is essential to understand that every personal injury case is different and should be evaluated on its own merits. The amount of compensation you can expect from your personal injury case will depend on things such as your injuries, their extent, the losses you experienced, and other elements that may justify the concession of a remedy.

Additionally, it is critical to understand that you only have a limited time to file your claim. In Florida, you have up to four years from the moment of your incident to file your claim. If you fail to file your claim during this time, your case may be dismissed. It is always in your best interest to retain the services of a skilled Boca Raton, personal injury attorney who can guide you throughout the process.

Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorney Offering Free Consultations to victims of Domestic Abuse

If you or a loved one was injured in a domestic violence situation in Boca Raton, FL, we can help. At Schwechter Law Group, we understand how challenging and stressful your situation can be. However, you don’t have to go through this moment alone. Brian Schwechter is ready to receive your call and schedule a free, confidential consultation on your case. We will treat your case with the utmost respect. Let our skills and knowledge help you while you recover from your injuries. Call our law offices today at (561) 935-9243.