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Going through a motorcycle accident can be one of the most traumatic events anyone can experience. The emotional and physical pain can be overwhelming for you and your loved ones. During this challenging time, you need to know you are not alone. Our A1A motorcycle accident lawyers can help you fight against the liable parties.

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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents on A1A in Florida

There is a pre-conceived – and often incorrect – notion that motorcycle riders are reckless drivers who are usually speeding and putting themselves and others in harm’s way. However, most motorcycle crashes are caused by other drivers on the road. This is particularly true for motorcyclists riding on State Road A1A in Florida.

Every year, thousands of negligent car drivers engage in dangerous behavior, leading to fatal motorcycle crashes. Some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents on Florida’s A1A include:

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has become one of the most dangerous driver behaviors on State Road A1A and many other highways around the country. Every second a driver keeps their eyes off the road increases the chances of causing a catastrophic accident.

Motorcycles are compact and may be hard to keep track of while traveling at high speed. A distracted driver can make a poor decision without noticing a nearby motorcyclist, which in turn can lead to a fatal crash. Every year, official agencies such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report thousands of accidents caused by distracted drivers. If you or a loved one was injured in a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent driver on State Road A1A in Florida, we can help.

Drunk Driving

For decades, local, state, and federal governments have tried to eradicate drunk driving throughout the nation. However, thousands of intoxicated drivers cause catastrophic accidents, injuries, and deaths every year. Motorcycle drivers are often at the mercy of negligent, alcohol-impaired drivers cruising along Florida’s A1A. Sadly, many of these accidents end up in catastrophic, sometimes lethal injuries. If you were hurt by a drunk driver, our A1A motorcycle accident lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve from the liable parties.

Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving is another common cause of motorcycle accidents in Florida. Many reckless drivers take any frustration they feel out on other drivers on the road. An aggressive driver can engage in dangerous behavior such as speeding, weaving in and out of lanes, and tailgating other vehicles. This type of conduct has led to many accidents over the years, including catastrophic motorcycle accidents. If you were injured on State Road A1A due to the negligent actions of an aggressive driver, we can help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

Things You Should Do After a Motorcycle Accident on A1A

Going through an accident is never a pleasant experience. The physical, emotional, and mental trauma you can sustain during a bike crash can be overwhelming. Despite the difficulty of the moment, it can be helpful to remember that the decisions you make moving forward can make or break your case.

The first thing you should do following your crash is to make sure you are safe. Do not remove your helmet or any other protective gear. If you are physically able, call 911 and let healthcare professionals take a look at you. They should be able to stabilize you and protect your neck and spine from suffering any – or additional – damage.

Once you have been cleared of any existing or underlying injuries, you should report your accident to the police. A police officer will investigate the crash and file a report. This report can contain important information that may help you in future proceedings. Make sure to ask for a copy of this report and keep it for your records.

Make sure to gather as much information from your accident as you can. Every piece of data can help you prove your case in a future claim. Some of the most critical information you should gather after a motorcycle crash includes photo and video evidence, the contact information of the involved parties, and the insurance information from the at-fault driver(s).

Filing a Personal Injury Claim After Your A1A Motorcycle Accident in Florida

Florida operates under a “no-fault” system for insurance purposes. In other words, parties involved in a vehicular accident turn to their insurance companies for compensation regardless of who was at fault for the crash. Generally, your personal injury protection (PIP) policy provides coverage for medical bills and related expenses. However, this policy may not provide compensation for things such as pain and suffering.

You may be able to bring the liable parties to justice by filing a personal injury claim. This can be achieved by showing that your injuries meet the state’s “severe” or serious injury threshold. Your injuries are considered serious or severe under Florida law if they are expected to cause permanent disfigurement or scarring, partial loss of bodily function, or permanent loss of bodily function, among other considerations.

During your claim, your A1A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you prove the required elements. Once you have proven your case, the court may grant you the compensation you deserve for things such as pain and suffering.

A1A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Offering Free Consultations in Florida

If you or a loved one was injured in a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent driver on State Road A1A, we might be able to help. At the Schwechter Law Group, we understand the challenges you might face after a catastrophic motorcycle accident. That is why we dedicate all of our efforts to fighting aggressively to get the compensation you deserve for your losses. Call our law offices today and schedule your free, confidential consultation. You can reach us at (305) 204-5369.